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Last Updated 23 April 2014

New World Immigration Core Values

New World Immigration is a company that prides itself on its core values. "ASPIRE" standing for Accountability, Service Excellence, Passion, Integrity, Respect and Efficiency. Our sole purpose is to provide visas and immigration services at an affordable rate with the least amount of hassle for our clients.

"" I want to thank you for supporting my partner and myself in successfully obtaining a valid visitor permit with working rights. This has been challenging for us and thanks to the thorough guidelines, provided by your team I can proudly say that New World Immigration have done an outstanding job. Two years of frustrations and delay after delay with no results in sight was resolved within 2 months by you. Thank you!! Kindest regards and a Merry Christmas!""


Latest News

6 Tips when going to Home Affairs

22 April 2014

When submitting your application to the Department of Home Affairs, we always need remember that we need to have our ducks in a row and avoid being on the bad side of the Immigration officer behind the counter receiving your application.


Retirement Permit

22 April 2014

A retirement permit is usually awarded to a foreigner who plans to retire in South Africa and has the means to qualify in the form of pension, irrevocable annuity or any form of investment.