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    New World Immigration services comply with the Immigration Acts of the countries we service. Our consultancy services are unavailable through government channels. The application forms used during the immigration process can also be collected free of charge at any relevant immigration office.

  • Immigration to Australia

    Discover Sunshine, Security and Economic freedom in the most sought after migration destination in the world

  • Visas for South Africa

    Let New World Immigration guide you through the process in applying for a South African Visa/Permit

  • Discover the EU with Permanent Residency

    Experience the charm and beauty of Europe with EU Residency and Citizenship

  • Visas For Canada

    Let New World Immigration guide you through the process in applying for a Canadian Visa/Permit

Last Updated 21 January 2019

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"New World Immigration facilitates the complete visa process for you. Our services cover but are not limited to Australian and South African Immigration and Emigration, European Residency Permits, Canadian Work and Study Visas together with all Retirement, Volunteer, Investor and Permanent Residency Visas."

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Canadian Job Prospects are the best that they’ve ever been

18 January 2019

Canada is a growing country, welcoming of migrants who will contribute to the country’s prosperity. New information says that now is the best time ever to make your move if you were considering immigrating to Canada.


You are likely to be a Top Global Earner if you work in Australia or Canada

17 January 2019

Expats living in Canada and Australia earn an excellent living says an international survey. Both Canada and Australia made it onto the Top 15 list of countries where you get paid the best salaries.