Australian Immigration Figures

The infographic (below) is a detailed presentation of Australian Immigration Figures putting particular focus on immigrants from the United Kingdom. According to the 2011 Census, over one in four of Australia’s 22 million people were born overseas – of which 13.6% were from the United Kingdom. A list of convincing reasons are listed as to why Australia remains a popular country to immigrate to, these include: great job opportunities, a pleasant warm climate, English is the prominent language used, lower property prices, lower cost of living and the attractive relaxed Australian lifestyle.

Find out about interesting historical landmarks such as Australia Day which marks the day of the first Immigration of Britons in Australia. Learn more immigration statistics with regard to policies and assistance schemes that maintained high levels of immigration from England. The amount of Briton migrants has increased year after year with the total immigration rising to 25,274 in 2012.

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