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The New World Immigration Blog provides you with a platform to conveniently gain access to recent news and insightful advice with relation to visa application and immigration information. This blog aims to provide useful content for anyone or business company interested in immigrating to South Africa or Australia. Be open to use this space to comment and share your thoughts on uploaded posts.

Nearly 200k Saffas in Australia

20 October 2017 | charl

It seems the South African ‘Brain Drain’ has not yet come to an end. This is according to the latest StatsSA data which points to the ever increasing number of South Africans who immigrate to Australia every year.


Possible Increased Canadian Immigration Targets

19 October 2017 | charl

The Canadian Liberal government is finalizing its 2018 immigration plan, aiming to strike the right balance amid a global migration crisis, a surge in illegal border-crossers and persistent labour gaps across the country.


Canada: Guide to Sponsoring Your Spouse

17 October 2017 | charl

When you agree to sponsor someone to join you in Canada, you will be expected to sign a legally binding undertaking, promising to give financial support for the basic needs of the people you’re sponsoring, and any of their dependent children.


Australia’s Popularity Reaches Record Level

13 October 2017 | charl

With more than a quarter of its population of foreign decent, Australia’s roots are firmly steeped in their rich migrant history and this fact is now supported by new statistics claiming nearly 29% of the country’s population are the children of migrants or are migrants themselves.