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The Australian Business says that Australia needs the skills that migrants bring

Australia might have to relax its immigration rules if it wants to avoid skills shortages. This is the opinion of Australian Business who said that migrants bring the skills and experience needed to grow the Australian economy. Businesses in Western Australia said that without enough skilled migrants the country will face another major skills shortage, forcing the count…

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More International Students are staying in Australia after Graduating

If you are planning on studying next year you may want to set your sights on Australia.  The country says a new record number of international students have entered their job market after graduating from Australian universities. By obtaining an Australian qualification more and more international students are successfully obtaining the Australian Temporary Graduate Visa…

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Tasmania needs 34 000 migrants in order to ensure economic growth

The Australian state of Tasmania needs to attract a further 34,000 residents by 2022 to ensure that the state’s economic renaissance continues. The Tasmanian Property council’s executive director Brian Wightman has told the Mercury that the target figure should be 552,500 residents — based on an Australian average growth rate of 1.6 per cent and a base of 518,500 — and …

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More people than ever before migrated to Canada in 2018

In 2018 more migrants than ever chose a life in Canada.  Immigration to Canada has reached new record heights with the last half of 2018 being especially busy. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada says it recorded more migrants entering the country in the six-month period between 1 July and 31 October 2018 than ever before.  These figures are great news for Cana…

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Australia and Canada amongst top 20 countries to live in

Job security, wage growth, safety, and a good quality of life are important factors when choosing a country to settle in. While Norway, Singapore and Switzerland were scored best by expats, both Canada and Australia also made the list. According to HSBC’s “Expat Explorer Survey,” the average expat has an income of $US99,900, a 25% increase from their salary in their hom…

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Business in Western Australia says that they need migrants to fill skills shortage

Business leaders across Western Australia have said that more skilled migrants are desperately needed in the region or the territory will face economic collapse. Western Australia’s Chamber of Commerce appealed to the Australian Federal Government to relax immigration rules so that migrants with the necessary skillset can enter region. Western Australia’s growing skill…

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Canada's unemployment rate has hit a new record low

New data shows that Canada’s unemployment rate has hit a new record low.  Nearly 95% of the country’s population is employed compared to South Africa where not even 75% of its citizens are working. As South Africans know too well, a countries’ unemployment levels have a direct impact on everything from social responsibilities, healthcare, infrastructure, the economy and…

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The world’s most talented choose Canada

Are you one of the brightest tech specialists in your field? Have you considered immigrating to Canada? If you do you will be in very good company! When it comes to finding a place where the wi-fi connects automatically the world’s best and brightest lists Canada as being one of their favourite countries to live and work in. According to the world’s hottest talent, and th…

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Shortage Skills Occupation List for Australia for 2019

If you have been thinking about moving your life to Australia, you will also know that you will have to be granted a visa which allows you to legally work and live Down Under. To be eligible for an Australian work visa, you will have to meet a number of immigration criteria and your occupation should be listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List. Australia’s Skilled…

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Australia has more jobs for Tradesmen, specifically Electricians, than any other skill

Tradesmen are in huge demand in Australia. A massive shortage of local talent has meant that Australia is inviting tradies from all over the world to take their skills and their families Down Under where the demand for plumbers, electricians, mechanics and builders has never been higher. The situation is so dire that the Australian government has kept the trades as a pe…

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