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Canada and Australia: Two of the World’s Most Stable Countries in Every Aspect!

Stability is often cited as one of the driving factors when South Africans are asked what they hope to gain out of emigrating and there is loads of stability, among other wonderful things, to be found in both the Great White North and Down Under. We did some research and discovered (a little unsurprisingly) that both Canada and Australia are at the top of the list when …

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Almost half a million jobs are up for grabs in Canada

Canada’s job vacancies maintained a record high for a fourth consecutive quarter with more than 429,000 jobs that are vacant due to a lack of candidates to fill positions. Canada’s private sector job vacancy rate maintained its record high of 3.2 per cent for the fourth quarter in a row, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)’s latest Help W…

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Safer, Cleaner, Better, Canada

Have you ever wondered what living in Canada would be like?  Have you started considering emigrating and wondered why so many people are choosing Canada over any other country?  The reasons are actually quite simple; Canada offers you and your family a safe and stable life in the country with the third best quality of life in the world. Canada has a strong and growing e…

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Australia and Canada are top countries for raising children

Life in both Australia and Canada is so good that a recent survey found that both countries are not only amongst the top 10 in the quality of life stakes but are also excellent for raising children. Australia and Canada offer children a childhood safe from fears of being harmed or harassed.  In these countries children can and do still safely walk to the bus stop (and h…

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You could be living in beautiful Cyprus

Known as the country with the cleanest coastal shore and the warmest average temperature in all of Europe, it is no wonder that Cyprus is a favourite among expats and tourists from all over the world. Cyprus, the third largest Mediterranean island - home to Mount Olympus, was once thought to be the playground of the gods and is now fast becoming a playground for anyone!…

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Interested in Guaranteed Permanent Residency in Europe? Read on!

Did you know that you could easily access permanent residency in a European country? If you and your family would like to live the dream on a Mediterranean island with easy access to a number of European countries and guaranteed Permanent Residency in Cyprus you should talk to your immigration consultant about the Cyprus Investment Program. Not only is sub-tropical Cypr…

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EB-5 Investor Visa: Massive Increase in Minimum Investment from the 21st of November 2019

It has been confirmed that the USA’s EB-5 Investor Visa changes will come into effect in about 4 months from now.  Earlier today the Trump administration confirmed that changes to the program will be implemented on 21 November 2019. Last week we speculated about the possible changes which included a strong likelihood of a massive increase in the minimum required investm…

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Canada has the most positive global influence

Many people live a survivalist life; stressed and concerned about theirs and their children’s physical safety and economic stability. Survival is their only concern and leading a life that is peaceful, happy and fulfilling is only a dream.  In Canada things are different.  Canada is a society where its residents are safe, where the infrastructure and state provided facili…

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Canada Among Top Five Expat Countries – again!

Canada has historically always done well in quality of life surveys – the most noteworthy of which is the annual HSBC Quality of Life Survey.  It came as no surprise that Canada, who consistently ranked in the top 10 since the inception of the survey, once again placed very high on this year’s survey rankings. Canada placed third out of 163 countries in the survey which…

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You Have 90 Days to Apply for Your EB-5 Visa

News just broke that you may have as little as three months in which to apply for your EB-5 Visa or risk being affected by a number of changes to the program.   Although changes to the American EB-5 visa has been on the cards for some time it now seems that most role players believe that changes to the visa will be implemented sooner than expected.  The EB-5 visa require…

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