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Why using an Immigration Consultancy is absolutely Vital

Whoever said that immigration is a piece of cake clearly paid an arm and a leg for the slice. The immigration process is incredibly case specific to the point that if it is not handled properly, it can immediately end with a negative outcome. Today, we discuss the reasons why you, as a person or as an organisation, should make use of an immigration consultancy for all the …

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Where is Skilled Immigration at this point in time?

‘Where is skilled immigration at this point in time?’ That is the number one question we are being asked on a daily basis and rightfully so, a global pandemic took its grip on an already fractured global community and shook us to the core, everyone is just that little bit more sceptical! The two countries hosting skilled programs being Australia and Canada, have both been…

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USA Needs Migrants Says Biden, Lifting Trump’s Visa Ban

Good news for anyone planning on getting their American temporary residency visa is that the visa imposed by the former US President has been overturned. Recent media reports confirmed that the ban on work visas instituted by Donald Trump has since been lifted by his successor Joe Biden.  Trump ordered a ban on US employment-based visas (green cards) shortly after the c…

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South African Family Tells Their Story Of Making The Switch to Australia

In part one of this two-part blog we met the Vosloo family who moved to Australia on a 482 Employer Sponsored Visa. The Vosloo’s adjusted well as immigrants in Australia and are enjoying putting their roots down. In part one we shared the start of Eugene, his wife Louise and their 7 year-old son Laurens’ emigration from South African to Portland, a city 362km South of Mel…

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South African Family Shares their Story of Emigrating to Australia

“We should have emigrated sooner,” so says a South African who recently emigrated to Australia on work visa. We caught up with Eugene Vosloo and his family who, in 2019, emigrated to Australia.  They shared their tips and told us about the whole emigration experience.  In the first of this two-part series we get to know the Vosloo Family and hear about their adjustment to…

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Use the correct procedure to obtain your Visa for South Africa or you may face jail time

When applying for your South African residence permits and visas, make sure that you follow the correct application procedures or follow dire consequences. South African authorities have encouraged foreign nationals to apply for visas or residency permits using the official procedures set out by the South African Department of Home Affairs. Commenting on the issue of un…

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Medical Personnel, Builders, IT Buffs and other Jobs that will get you Aussie Residency

Foreigners skilled as medical professionals, information technology experts and experienced builders are more likely than anyone else to be invited to apply for permanent residency in Australia.  Skilled workers in these fields are in such short supply that the Australia government is giving visa and residency applicants with these expertise preference. The Australian F…

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Australia and Canada will have to Raise Immigration Targets to Recover Their Economies

The Covid-19 global pandemic will lay waste to some of the world’s strongest economies unless countries like Canada and Australia can attract enough skilled migrants fast enough to address growing concerns that their skills pool is not enough to resuscitate their ailing economies. Canada has now even raised their immigration intake target by 100,000 places to over 400,000 …

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The Covid-19 Lockdown might actually get you into Australia!

Australia’s Covid-19 lockdown regulations might actually be creating a gap for you to emigrate there soon. Yes, we know, no one has really been able to get into Australia for over a year now… That’s true.  What this also means is that the Aussie skills challenge is growing larger and more acute with every passing day. Australian employers are already knocking on parliament…

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5 tips to help you choose the right country to Immigrate to

The entire world is basically your oyster for migration choices, with different criteria for each region. There are a variety of variables you need to keep in mind when choosing a country, and this will help you select the country most suitable for you and your family’s needs. 1 - Who is travelling?  Would the country enable you to bring your spouse and children with y…

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