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The New World Immigration Blog provides you with a platform to conveniently gain access to recent news and insightful advice with relation to visa application and immigration information. This blog aims to provide useful content for anyone or business company interested in immigrating to South Africa or Australia. Be open to use this space to comment and share your thoughts on uploaded posts.

25 Reasons Why Australia is so Popular

30 January 2019 | Carlos

Australia was built on migrants. The first migrants to set foot ashore in Australia were British and today it is home to 2.2 million migrants from almost every conceivable corner of the world!


How safe will you really be in Australia?

27 August 2019 | Carlos

Safety concerns continue to be one of the largest driving forces behind immigration. People who feel their and their families’ lives are under threat from political unrest, crime or even war have for many generations opted to leave their home country in search of a safe, calm and secure life.


Why is Canada so great? We've got the answers!

23 January 2020 | Carlos

It’s common knowledge that Canada is a great country, but what makes it so special? Why is it that so many people are so charmed with Canada that more than 300,000 people immigrate there every year? Today we take a look at a few reasons why Canada is rated so highly.


Migrate to Canada if you want the best Quality of Life

05 February 2019 | Carlos

It is official; no other place on earth offers you a better quality of life than Canada. It is no surprise then that Canada is rated as a top world destination for migrants for all over the globe looking for a life and future that is stable, safe and progressive.


Did Your City Make The Most Respected Quality of Life Top 40 List?

11 March 2019 | Carlos

Six of Australia’s 7 largest cities and 5 of Canada’s largest cities have made the most respected and trusted quality of life rankings list – the Mercer Quality of Life Survey. These cities were all ranked in the Top 40 beating almost all other countries with the sheer number of cities from one country being listed.