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The New World Immigration Blog provides you with a platform to conveniently gain access to recent news and insightful advice with relation to visa application and immigration information. This blog aims to provide useful content for anyone or business company interested in immigrating to South Africa or Australia. Be open to use this space to comment and share your thoughts on uploaded posts.

Visiting Sunny South Africa will soon be even easier!

27 February 2019 | Carlos

Beautiful South Africa has more than the Big Five to offer visitors. This, the most Southern tip of the continent and the doorway to the rest of Africa, is also home to unique national parks, 46 bright Blue Flag beaches, bustling cities bursting with culture and 10 UNESCO heritage sites – making it the perfect travel destination.


You face a nightmare if you overstay your Aussie visa

07 June 2018 | Carlos

It’s all over the news again; if you think you will be able to overstay your Australian visa and remain in the country illegally you will be looking over your shoulder, be unable to find good employment and run the risk of being arrested by Australian authorities.


Australia Regional Migration: An answer for small-town Australia and migrants

26 June 2018 | Carlos

Small-town-Australia says it desperately needs more migrants to stimulate growth in regional Australia. The Australian Federal Government agrees and issued a special visa stream to address the problem of low population figures and declining economies in rural Australia. The visa is now considered one of the best ways of getting your foot in the door Down Under.