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Aussies are the wealthiest people on Earth

10 December 2018 | Carlos

Life in Australia seems to be great and only getting better. Besides being one of the world’s happiest, and most progressive countries it seems that Aussies can now also lay claim to being the richest on the planet.


Your job might qualify you for an Australian Work Visa

06 December 2018 | Carlos

The first step in qualifying for an Australian work visa is to find out if your occupation is among the 400 careers which are list as being in demand in Australia. Australia has no problem importing talent when their own talent pool cannot provide what industries and employers need to keep the economy healthy and growing.


Australia’s Skillselect system could have you immigrating in less than a year

28 November 2018 | Carlos

In a hurry to start a life in Australia? Did you know that by using Australia’s SkillSelect system you and your family could be living Down Under before next Christmas! This online system allows skilled workers interested in moving to Australia to be considered for an Australian Independent Skilled Work Visa once they have submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Australian government.