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‘Extreme vetting’ could be on the cards for Australian citizenship applicants

Australian Citizenship applicants might have to undergo an ‘extreme vetting’ process if a proposals by the Australian Liberal Democratic Party is passed.

‘Extreme Vetting’ Could Be On The Cards For Australian Citizenship Applicants

Speaking at a press conference libertarian Senator David Leyonhjelm said that ‘extreme vetting’ will be proposed to the Australian Government in an effort to ensure that those applying for Australian Citizenship are beyond repute.


Senator Leyonhjelm has put together a 15 question test that he believes will weed out those who do not share Australian values, including questions on attitudes towards women, child sex and blasphemy.

“I believe we should apply extreme vetting to applicants for citizenship,” he told

“It is only citizens who elect our government and determine what kind of society we create. We should therefore only grant citizenship, and the rights that come with it, to those who have contributed to and assimilated into our society, and who share our values.”

Senator Leyonhjelm also proposed that welfare should be reserved for citizens only, meaning that only those who passed the test could receive welfare payments.

“Raising the bar on citizenship would lead to Australians being more accepting of immigration, particularly if access to welfare was reserved for citizens,” he said.

“It would show that anyone arriving in Australia does not automatically become an Australian or gain access to taxpayer-funded services.”

Some of the questions in the current Australian Citizenship test are:


• What is the term used for a government formed by representatives elected by the public?
• What is the name given to the process of considering a proposed new law for the purpose of accepting or rejecting it?
• What governing system does Australia follow?
• What does the five-pointed white star of the flag of Torres Strait Islands symbolise?
• The name of the capital city of Queensland is?
• Who holds the power to change existing laws and make new ones in Australia?
• On which day citizenship ceremonies are celebrated all over Australia?
• Why is 25th April remembered every year in Australia?
• What is the procedure an Australian citizen needs to follow for re-entry into Australia?
• To whom do you need to pledge your loyalty during the occasion of citizenship ceremony?

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