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4 Tips for South Africans immigrating to Australia

4 Tips for South Africans immigrating to Australia

4 Tips For South Africans Immigrating To Australia

On a daily basis, New World Immigration successfully assists clients immigrating to Australia by facilitating the process in obtaining their permanent residence. A question often comes to mind by each and every client either wanting to immigrate or currently in the process of immigrating to Australia; what does Australians think of South Africans Expats?

So to give you peace of mind, Australians think South Africans are motivated, hardworking, devoted, enthusiastic and adaptable but also labelled as irritated (impatient) and belligerent. If you’re thinking of a change of personality, well no need for that as this article will guide you to avoid dispute and help you fit in just perfectly with the Aussies.

These 4 tips are Australian values to keep in mind to avoid dispute and stay clear from any issues;

1. Impatient – Being laid back and working long hours is a certain way of life in Australia and conforming to their norms would certainly help you fit in their work’s environment. Aussies would enjoy working with you if you take this approach as they feel that they spend too much time at the work place.

2. Self important or Bossy – Aussies totally hate being bossed around even if you hold a more senior authority position within the company. Keep this in mind and have a more even-handed approach (unbiased) towards co-workers and remember that respect needs to be earned.

3. Close Knit – Australians are known to be a close knit community who do not readily allow others to join them, so it’s best to try making friends with fellow South African Expats in Australia.

4. Over Protective (Defensive) - Aussies enjoy a good debate and often finds joy when a person becomes defensive in protecting what they believe in. Relax and enjoy the debate and say your say, but don’t let their comments get the better of you.

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