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All that you Need to Know about SkillSelect in Australia

In an announcement that was made in late 2013, the department conducted and evaluation to assess how things have operated up until that point and also to consider making changes to make sure that they are performing their intended function.


Based on the feedback, the following changes came into effect as from 1 March 2014.

• Territory and state nominated visas are no longer subject to occupational ceiling limitations.
• The minimum for each occupational group is now 1000 invitations.

Currently, there are high levels of interest from prospective skilled migrants in these occupations.

• Electronic Engineers
• ICT Business and Systems Analysts
• Chemical and Materials Engineers 
• Other Engineering professionals
• Telecommunications Engineering Professionals
• Applications and Software Programmers

About SkillSelect

The Benefits

SkillSelect is a huge change to how Australia manages their skilled migration program.

The SkillSelect program helps to make sure that the skilled migration program remains based on the economic needs of the Australian people. The program will support the Aussie Government in the managing of who is allowed to apply for skilled migration, when exactly they apply and in what numbers they can apply. As a result, there is expected to be a reduction in the time that it takes to process visa applications.

SkillSelect will also help to identify the regional skill shortages. It allows prospective migrants to indicate whether or not they are willing to work and live in regional Australia. This should be a huge benefit to employers who are experiencing regional skill shortages. It will also help with regard to territory and state governments trying to settle migrants in regional Australia.

How it Works

SkillSelect is an online-based service that allows business people and skilled workers who are interested in migrating to Australia to add their details in order to be considered for a skilled visa through what is known as an EOI (Expression of Interest).

People, who want to migrate, can be found and possibly nominated for skilled visas by territory governments, state governments or any Australian employer. It is also possible to be invited by the government to apply for this type of visa.

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