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Au Pairs! Ready for an Australia Working Holiday Adventure

Is your gap year coming up or are you young energetic and want to see the world? Perhaps you have recently graduated and need a change of scenery – a new adventure! If this is the case you should consider Au Pairing in Australia.

Au Pairs Ready For An Australia Working Holiday Adventure

With the world’s best beaches, award-winning national parks and friendly locals - who enjoy the outdoors (and love their modern cities) - Australia could be just the place to do a bit of ‘growing up’.


What is expected of the family’s Au Pair?

If you love children and have a knack for understanding and taking care of them then you will love being an Au Pair!

Typically an Au Pair is expected to take care of the family’s children (under the age of 12 years) and to see that the children are fed, bathed, clothed, entertained and in some cases taken to school or other activities. You may be asked to tidy the children’s room or to prepare a meal for them but your main task will be to see to the children.

Au Pairs are often also asked to travel with the family. You would also join the family on outings at restaurants, concerts shows etc which means you will get to see Australia (and maybe even beyond the country’s borders) basically for free!

What an Au Pair can expect from their host family

You can expect that your host family will provide you with free accommodation, meals and things like access to their laundry. On top of this Au Pairs also get paid for their services! Many Au Pairs choose to use this money to explore great big Australia or you might want to save some of that money and take a trip to Phuket or Fiji (which is just a hop skip and a jump from Australia) after your 12-month working holiday visa expires.

I heard Working Holiday Visa’s means you have to change employers every six months, is this true?

It was true, but in 2015 the rules of this visa were amended to cater for Au Pairs and their employers. Before 2015 foreigners in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa were limited to spending a maximum of 6 months per employer. This rule was changed for Au Pairs as the nature of their job required them to provide a reliable service and to bond with the family and the children they will care for. With the Working Holiday Visas, Au Pairs may remain employed by the same family for a maximum period of 12 months.

I’m interested! Do I qualify?

As with all Australian visas, certain conditions apply and you should take note of these conditions as Australia is very serious about the rules and conditions under which foreigners enter their country. Your placement agency may also have certain requirements before you would be considered a candidate so it would be best to clarify this with your agent.

To qualify for an Australian Working Holiday Visa you must:

• Be at least 18 but not yet 31 years of age
• don't have a dependent child with you at any time during your stay in Australia
• you should meet the country’s character and health requirements
• you will be required to provide proof of the legitimacy of your Australian employer and their contact details
• You hold a passport from either of the countries listed below:


Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Japan, Republic of Cyprus, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Malta, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Taiwan, France, Italy, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Portugal, Israel, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Uruguay.

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