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Australia’s 2017 - 2018 Skilled migration intake after new visa rules

Migrants and Australian industry showed approval at Department of Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton’s Budget Speech Day announcement that Australia’s permanent migration programme for 2017-18 will remain at a ceiling of 190,000 places.

Australia’S 2017 2018 Skilled Migration Intake After New Visa Rules

This announcement comes on the back of the Australian Government’s shock decision to abolish the 457 visas and strengthening the requirements to gain Australia’s citizenship. The announcement was made along with the decision to remove more than 200 occupations from their Skilled Occupations List leaving many qualified would-be migrants in a lurch.


The” Australian’s First” ideology supported the idea of replacing the popular 457- skilled migrant visa with two new versions with stricter application requirements.

In April the Australian announced its decision to end the 457 visa. This visa was particularly popular with highly skilled migrants wanting to immigrate to Australia in search of a safer community and a stable political environment where job opportunities are available. The visa would allow access to foreign workers – especially in area where local skills and experience were not available – to legally live and work in Australia with the added benefit that their visa often led to citizenship. The visa’s original intention was to boost the Australian economy and society by introducing the know-how of foreigners who specialised in critical and key fields.

The 457 visa will now be replaced with two skill shortage visas, a two-year short term visa with no pathway to permanent residency and a four-year medium term visa with a pathway to permanent residency.

In Australia immigration amounts to approximately 55 per cent of Australia's population growth annually and "High rates of immigration put upward pressure on land and housing prices in Australia's largest cities," a 2016 Productivity Commission report into the migration intake said.


Applicants wishing to come to Australia on work visa from March 2018 will have to nominate an occupation on the occupations list. Along with abolishing the 457 visa, government also removed 200 occupations from the occupations list.

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