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Australia’s 2017 Immigration Changes

Do You Know What They Are?

Earlier this year Australia announced a number of changes to their immigration rules. While some were minor tweaks and adjustments some changes were significant enough to affect your immigration plans.

Australia’S 2017 Immigration Changes

Do you know what these changes are and how they will affect you?


Listed below are the most controversial visa changes that you should discuss with your immigration consultant to see how much you are affected.

Australian introduced two distinct immigration streams; a Short-Term stream leading to a two-year visa and a Medium-Term stream leading to a four-year visa.

Under these visa streams further requirements and limitations are in place:

• Certain limitations have been placed on onshore renewals for Short-Term stream applicants
• Short-Term stream applicants must now undergo a genuine temporary entrant assessment
• Only holders of the Medium-Term stream visa may transition to permanent residence after three years via the Subclass 186 visa program
• Applicants are required to have at least two years of relevant work experience
• Minimum English language requirements must be met
• Mandatory criminal record checks will be performed
• Applicants will be subjected to Labour Market Testing to establish the need for the applicant's experience and qualifications in the job market unless international trade obligations apply
• And applicants will be required to pay a contribution to the Skilling Australian Fund (SAF).
The Australia Department of Border Control and Immigration noted some arrangements regarding applications currently in their system:
• Subclass 457 applications still processing on 1 March 2018 will continue to process through to finalization
• Current holders of the 457 visa may continue to hold the visa until its expiry
• The current occupations lists will be reviewed in January 2018 and there may be further changes
• Applicants under the Short-Term stream may still obtain a four-year visa term if international trade obligations apply
• Current Business Sponsorship Approvals (approvals held by businesses to facilitate sponsorship) will continue to operate under the TSS visa scheme until their expiry.

Application Fees


The TSS sponsorship fee will be AUS $ 420 and the nomination fee will be AUS $ 330. These fees are in line with the current 457 sponsorship scheme.

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