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Australia’s 457 visa-holders most successful in finding jobs

A new report has confirmed what Australian migrants have known for a long time; skilled migrants in possession of a 457 visa have a better that excellent chance of finding a great job in Australia. These visa holders also find employment much easier than any other category visa holder.

Australia’S 457 Visa Holders Most Successful In Finding Jobs

According to findings of the Scanlon Foundation migrants on Independent Skill visas are having a tougher time finding employment in their first choice jobs.


The report's lead author, Monash University professor Andrew Markus, says the survey found those arriving on 457 visas are most successful as they have jobs arranged prior to their arrival.

Professor Markus says people who come as skilled migrants find it difficult to break into the work force.

"People who come as skilled migrants, who've passed the points test, gained admission into Australia, but having come independently without any jobs lined up, many of them report that it is very difficult to break into the job market. The requirement that they submit applications online doesn't necessarily work well for them. There's a sense maybe that jobs are being filtered in such a way that, you know, if you're identifiably of immigrant background, you've got less chance of actually being called up for an interview."

Many who arrived in Australia on humanitarian visas say they have experienced problems of economic integration.

Just 36 per cent indicated they were employed, while 20 per cent were looking for work and the remaining 44 per cent were not in the workforce.

Yet, most indicate a positive attitude to life in Australia and high levels of identification with the country.

Asked if they are satisfied with their lives, over 80 per cent indicated they were, and only 5 per cent said they were dissatisfied.

Andrew Markus says, despite many issues raised in the survey, Australia remains a good country for immigrants. He says that view is supported by international country rankings.


"If we're going to just pick out one positive, it would be there's a wide measure of agreement that Australia is a good country for immigrants, good country for the native-born. You know, if it wasn't actually such a good country, there wouldn't be so many people trying to migrate to Australia."

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