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Australia’s 457 Visa Regulations Change

How the new law affects applicants:

Australia’S 457 Visa Regulations Change

• In future the subclass 457 visa holders must obtain mandatory licencing or registration within strict time limits, and must notify the immigration department if their registration or licencing ceases.
• Under this law the terms and conditions of employment of subclass 457, visa holders employed by a business, must be equal to those in any enterprise agreement for that workplace.

Details are to be published by Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, along with policy guidelines on work agreements and project agreements on the DIBP website.

The changes, to be implemented in less than 10 days’ time, will also serve to protect workers by clearly stating market pay rates that must be paid in work places operating under enterprise agreements, and what typical working conditions should be.

The publication will also provide clarity around the requirement for migrants to be in possession of the mandatory licences or registrations.

Essentially migrants working in Australia with a 457 visa must obtain their licence or registration within 90 days of arriving in the country or within 90 days of their visa being granted if they were already in Australia.

The new law will see 457 migrants starting their employment in Australia within at least 3 months of arriving in the country or within 90 days of being granted a visa if already in Australia at the time it was applied for.

By indication of the new regulations employers would have to furnish evidence that they had gone through considerable effort in trying to fill the vacant position by an Australian resident or citizen and that the particular migrant candidate is most suited and qualified for the position.

The DIBP has also announced changes to health checks needed for all visa applications. Many temporary visas require health checks only were special circumstances apply. Now it is more likely that a short trip may trigger health checks.

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