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Australia’s friendliness attracts more expat women says survey

Generally expats are very happy with their lives in Australia revealed a new survey. Respondents said Australia affords them the best work / life balance – even if it is a bit more expensive to live there and interestingly female expats are finding Australia’s welcoming attitude even more attractive.

Australia’S Friendliness Attracts More Expat Women Says Survey

The warm welcome might help to explain why these countries attract more expat women than average with 61% and 59% of expats in Australia and New Zealand, respectively, are female.


Most expats cited their reason for living and working in Australia as having access to a superior way of life. While more career growth prospects and a stable economy and political environment attracted expats, as many as 45% saying that the great weather and lovely natural scenery enhanced their experience and contributes to a great work / life balance.

Overall Australia placed 16th out of 67 in the latest quality of life index from the 2016 InterNations expat survey.

Another high point for expats in Australia is the quality of the environment, with 50% judging it to be very good, much higher than the global average of 28% and when it comes to settling in Australia ranked 20th out of 67.

To add to its appeal Australia ranks 10th out of 67 for the cost of living and satisfactory for career prospects. Expats work an average 38.6 hours a week compared to the global average of 41.4 hours.

Australia also ranked high for family life at seven out of 45. Only 2% of expats said that education opportunities are not numerous and widely accessible compared to 31% worldwide. Furthermore, education is deemed easy to afford by 64% of expats, compared to 45% globally.

The quality of education in Australia is also appreciated by 84% of respondents, while only 64% rate it positively around the world. Finally, nearly half of the expat parents in Australia, 49%, are very satisfied with their children’s health, compared to 30% worldwide. Another 90% of them are happy with the overall safety of their kids, a good performance compared to the 75% who say the same around the globe.


The same survey also pointed to the fact that while expats felt very welcome in Australia, their Kiwi counterparts were considered even friendlier! One such difference is the friendliness towards foreign residents, judged favourably by 83% of expats in New Zealand, compared to 71% in Australia.

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