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Australia’s migration, on a healthy climb

Australia’s migration, on a healthy climb

Australia’S Migration On A Healthy Climb

Recent information released by Australia Immigration paints a healthy picture for migrants to the Land Down Under. The information revealed that Australia’s migration figures will reach 246,300 migrants by the end of September. This translates to a rise of 4.5% in the number of Australian visas issued and is set to continue on this trend until at least 2016.

The information was originally released by the Department of Immigration and Border Control. The report took into account recent policy changes, instituted in recent months. This included the streamlining of the student visa application process.

The Department of Immigration and Border Control’s data also considered Australian visa grants of the past year and kept world economic growth forecasts in mind. The report combined this information with the assumption that future policy changes could affect these figures into 2016.

The Department’s document forecasts migrant arrivals at 511,500 – which is already a 1.5% increase since December 2013. Breaking the arrivals down into the different visa categories student visas lead the pack with 457 Skilled Migrant visas following at number four.

The breakdown of visas granted is as follows:
Temporary Student Visas 119,000
457 Skilled Migrant Visas 44,300
Working Holiday Visas 63,000
Visitors’ Visas 47,400
And other temporary visas 7,400

Forecasting the number of entries under the permanent resident category, The Department of Immigration and Border control published the following figures:

Skilled Migrant Visas 39,500
Family / Relative Visas 35,200
Humanitarian Visas (which would include Asylum Visas) 14,500
Other Permanent Visas 4,800

It is clear from the data released by the state department that the granting of student visas has significantly increased along with the demand therefor. The report states that, “This is likely the result of the department’s visa streamlining measures and the introduction of new post study work arrangements.”

The report also suggested that while Australia’s economic growth is expected to slow down this will impact on the country’s unemployment rate which will in turn mean that fewer Skilled Migrant Visas could be granted by 2018. The forecast estimates this figure to drop to around 43,000 visas. Yet, arrivals in the other visa categories should reach a plateau at 63,200 by 2018.

Visitor and all the other temporary Australian visa categories are expected to remain steady said the forecast. The information collated suggested that visitors on temporary visas are expected to remain steady at about 48,000 arrivals. These can be broken down as follows:

Skilled Migrant 39,800
Family Visas 34,800

With the balance of the visas issued for other temporary visa applications.

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