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Australia, 9th best country to raise expat families

The reasons expats chose Australia are numerous but overall the 5000 expats surveyed reported that the country is an excellent place to raise a family as properties are often larger, there is more scope for children to spend recreational time outdoors and the country offers a good range of schooling options.

Australia 9Th Best Country To Raise Expat Families

Looking at the HSBC raising kids abroad survey, Australia performed consistently well on measures relating to the health of expat children – with seven in ten (70%) expats seeing an improvement in their children’s health and wellbeing since relocating, compared to a global average of 56%.

The survey confirmed that Australia provided the best environment for healthy and active children, with more than three quarters of expat kids spending more time outdoors than was the case in their home country.

What’s more, expat children living Down Under also found it easier to make friends and ease into new school environments,
Expats’ favourite reasons for choosing Australia to raise their children in:

The weather

The balmy winters and warm summers played a big role. European families said they did not miss their children being trapped indoors during the harsh European winters and families from warmer climates said their children found the adaption to their new country easier.

Open space and beaches

Australia offers families open space and easy access to nature and beaches for kids to play in and explore– all vital to happy kids and happy families.

Good quality produce

Good quality food is readily available and affordable. Since the produce doesn’t have to travel far to get to urban areas, even supermarket fruit and veg tastes really good reported expat families.

Outdoor sports

The country’s year-round good weather means families are able to get involved with sports and this, they say has contributed to their children’s social adjustment in their adoptive country while improving their overall wellbeing.

Public education

All Aussie kids get a free, high-quality education.

Free healthcare

Thanks to Medicare, all kids get free, high-quality healthcare and government-funded immunisations.

Cultural diversity

In Australian schools and playgrounds, kids are exposed to children with backgrounds from all over the world. Expat families have embraced this as a brilliant way for their children to learn about different countries and cultures.

It’s a safe country

Australia boasts a relatively low crime rate and distance from war and conflict make Australia a safe place for kids to grow up.

Free support for families

Government-funded programs like breastfeeding assistance, parent helplines and centres, such as Karitane and Tresillian mean that parents who are having trouble can get help for free.


Kids in Australia grow up familiar with amazing and exotic wildlife adding to their education, experience and childhood memories.

Affordable university

With our HECS system, all Australians can afford a high-quality university education.

Food diversity

Australia’s migrant history and close proximity to Asia means our food is as culturally diverse as the playgrounds. Aussie kids grow up tasting food from all over the world without needing to leave their city.

Playgrounds and parks around every corner

Australian states and territories make it a priority to provide quality, safe and fun play areas to communities and most are within a short stroll of your home. Large parks, usually with a playground inside it, are a common sight in Australian suburbs.

Who else made the list of best places to raise families? According to expats the list, in ranking order, is;

1. Austria
2. Finland
3. Sweden
4. Israel
5. New Zealand
6. Singapore
7. Germany
8. France
9. Australia
10. Luxembourg


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