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Australia announces ground-breaking e-visa technology

Australia announces ground-breaking e-visa technology

Australia Announces Ground Breaking E Visa Technology

By Estelle Vosloo

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection earlier this month announced the significant expansion of their e-visa technology.

E-visa allows foreigners to apply for Australian Visitors Visas through an online process by which an additional 190 countries and territories will benefit.

Speaking on behalf of Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Michaelia Cash said that besides New Zealand, the Philippines, Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africans will also be able to make use of this facility.

But Australia is notoriously sticky with issuing visas and while the online applications might sound like something any tourist wanting to visit the Land Down Under might be able to do, we strongly suggest that you consult with a professional immigration consultant in this regard.

Applying for the wrong visa or supplying incorrect or incomplete information is very easy for the layman who may not have the latest information at hand. This could translate in extensive delays of your visa being processed or it being declined altogether.

Speaking in a press statement Ms Cash said, “I am delighted to announce that I have expanded the list of countries and territories that are eligible for electronic lodgement of subclass 600 (Visitor) visa applications. This is part of a significant advancement for both Australia and its visitors, because it means that we’re even more competitive and can boast more efficient and streamlined visa processing.”
The positive aspect of the new online application facility available to South Africans means that Australia would like to encourage increased tourism numbers from countries like South Africa. The process will see a significant improvement of the turn-around time for the processing of Australian Visitor’s Visas.

In effect this means that South Africans are now included in the group of countries and territories that have access to online subclass 600 visa applications. These visas can be applied when visiting Australia on business activities or if they are planning on visiting friends and family is Australia.

Cash said there are strong checks in place to ensure the integrity of the programme. “Visa integrity is of paramount importance to the Australian government, which is why we are expanding online lodgement incrementally to ensure we get the settings right. It’s about allowing streamlined access while maintaining all the necessary safeguards and checks,” she pointed out. This statement highlights the need for professional advice when planning on applying for an Australian visa.

Immigration professionals like New World Immigration will ensure that applicants avoid commit mistakes and pitfalls people make when applying for their Australian visas. While it might be tempting to do your online application yourself your chances of success is greatly improved if you understand the Australian immigration practices inside and out.

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