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Australia has more jobs for Tradesmen, specifically Electricians, than any other skill

Tradesmen are in huge demand in Australia. A massive shortage of local talent has meant that Australia is inviting tradies from all over the world to take their skills and their families Down Under where the demand for plumbers, electricians, mechanics and builders has never been higher.

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The situation is so dire that the Australian government has kept the trades as a permanent fixture on the Strategic Skills Lists for both the Short Term and Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills Lists. Prospective migrants whose occupations are found on these lists, and meet all other requirements, could qualify for an Australian visa.

Australia has had a nearly 70 per cent increase in demand for tradesman across the board.  Well known and respected job search porthole ‘SEEK’ said electricians, plumbers and builders have strong, long-lasting career prospects all over Australia.

SEEK managing director Kendra Banks commented saying, “We know that automation is not negatively affecting job opportunities for electricians compared to other industries, due to the non-routine and problem-solving nature of their work.

“Therefore, there is and will be a consistent demand for electricians with the right skill set and experience.

“To make sure we are meeting the demand for candidates, we need to educate people on the exciting career prospects within the electrician trade and its longevity.”

It seems though that electricians are in serious demand. In Victoria jobs for sparkies accounted for nearly a quarter of SEEK’s ad growth in the trades and services sector.  Automotive trades contributed 20 per cent and plumbers contributed 14 per cent to the gowth in trade adds on SEEK.

In NSW, electricians accounted for almost half (48 per cent) of all new job ads in the trades and services sector.

National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) chief executive Suresh Manickam said it was no surprise qualified electricians were in high demand in NSW with the infrastructure boom, proliferation of commercial renewable and energy efficiency projects, and rapid adoption of connected devices and solar and storage by households.

“That’s why it’s important federal and state governments ensure the right support and training is in place for people – especially young adults considering the career path – to get into trades,” he said.

“Those who do choose a career as an electrician can expect interesting, well-paid work, and won’t be stuck behind a desk in an office staring at a screen, nor will they have a HECS debt to pay off.


“Demand for electrical skills is unlikely to slow. After all, electricians will be wiring up the robots and computers that replace people in other professions. Meanwhile those data centres, smart buildings, and internet networks that will underpin the economy of the future won’t work without a sparky.”

Federal Government figures predicted 7100 new jobs would be created for electricians by May 2023, representing 4.5 per cent growth over five years.

Plumbers are also expected to show significant growth of 4.5 per cent, or 10,500 vacancies, over the next 5 years.



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