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Australia is looking for Graduate Engineers to emigrate from South Africa

Australia is serious about finding the best global talent available to grow and strengthen their pool of engineers. Graduate engineers are among a few select professions who find it easier than most to qualify for an Australian visa.

Australia Is Looking For Graduate Engineers To Emigrate From South Africa

Engineering is one of the professions recently identified by Australia is a necessary skill for which not enough local talent is available and as result engineers have been included in the country’s STEM program which will fast-track visas of qualifying applicants.


Qualifying applicants would have a degree and experience in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and should meet all other entry requirements posed by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Based on survey feedback from the reliable HSBC-group the country is considered one of the top three expat destinations offering good salaries, fantastic working conditions and internationally envied lifestyle.

South African graduates are encouraged to apply for this as this allows young professionals, in particular engineers, two years with the options to extend your stay and with the added benefit that this visa could lead to residency and perhaps even citizenship.

If your application is successful (your immigration agent will be able to determine the likely outcome of your application) you will receive an invitation to apply for this visa. The next step would then be to lodge a visa application.

Not only will a successful application allow you to legally work and live in Australia, this visa also entitles the holder to travel and to further your studies at one of the country’s internationally respected universities and other tertiary education institutions.

In order to qualify to apply for this visa you should hold a minimum of a 4-year degree in either:


• Civil engineering
• Structural engineering
• Chemical engineering
• Environmental engineering
• Electrical and electronics engineering
• Mechanical, production and plant engineering
• Mining and material engineering.

You should also meet Australia’s other visa criteria which include, but is not limited to:

• A clear criminal record
• Be in excellent health
• Meet the country’s character requirements
• Be able to prove your English language proficiency.

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