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Australia: No 3 on the wish-list of places to work

Australia: No 3 on the wish-list of places to work

Australia No 3 On The Wish List Of Places To Work

A prominent recruitment company interviewed 2444 individuals from 100 countries to find out where they would like to work as expats. Sydney, Australia placed in the third place of most desirable cities to relocate to.

While London and New York are the most popular choices for executives, interest in Sydney has significantly increased.

The survey conducted by Hydrogen Recruitment shows that business executives place Sydney just after London and New York as best places to work.

The report found that 33% of professionals are more likely to relocate to another country, compared to just 16% in 2010. It is thought that the unstable international economic climate and easier access to work visas especially in Australia has contributed to this fact.

Where 30% of expats held an educational qualification beyond a degree in 2010 the latest statistics found that now only 17% of expats have obtained a post graduate degree. This would mean that international careers are now within the reach of more junior and younger workers too.

Those surveyed were particularly drawn to the Australian life style and climate. With Australian cities like cosmopolitan Sydney, that offers first world facilities and a stable political climate, contributing to their choice.

Most of the younger expats planning to relocate or having recently relocated to Australia have been absorbed in the country’s fast-paced and growing technology industry with many also attracted to energy and life sciences fields.

CCO of the Hydrogen Recruitment Group, who undertook the survey, Simon Walker said: “The findings of this report show that we now have a worldwide talent pool.
“Despite the fact that geographic and cultural boundaries as an impediment to hiring have dropped away during the recession, there is still a clear leaning towards English-speaking and safe countries like Australia and cosmopolitan cities like Sydney by candidates.”

The country is also a very attractive destination for families with children. The core fundamentals of family and friends and the country’s strong drive towards equality makes it the ideal place for families to settle.

The multicultural community and strong government focus on drawing skilled migrants with a stable economy and offering a relatively safe environment adds to Australia’s allure.

The website states, “A large number of expats who move to Australia do so with their children. The country is an excellent place to raise a family as properties are often larger, there is more scope for children to spend recreational time outdoors and the country offers a good range of schooling options. Furthermore, expats living in Australia will also have access to exceptional healthcare facilities in both the public and private systems.”

Although the newly announced, and controversial, Australian budget will be more stringent with funding of various state departments it does not seem to deter international interest in immigrating to the country.

The Australian government also supports the results of Hydrogen Recruitment’s findings. According to the Australian Government’s Immigration and Border Protection website the country is aiming to employ 190 000 immigrants by 2015.

According to their website this number will be made up of:

• 128 550 places for skilled migrants, including employer sponsored, general skilled and business categories
• 60 885 places for family migrants sponsored by immediate family members
• 565 places for special eligibility migrants, who include former permanent residents who maintain close business, cultural or personal ties with Australia.


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