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Australia supports keeping migrant families together while filling their skills-gap with migrants

Australia supports keeping migrant families together while filling their skills-gap with migrants

Australia Supports Keeping Migrant Families Together While Filling Their Skills Gap With Migrants

According to the Australian minister of Immigration and Border Protection, Mr Scott Morrison, the Australian immigration programme will boost the Australian economy by saving an estimated AUD 300 million.

Last week Minister Morrison stated that the recently elected Abbott government will ensure that the country’s immigration plans match that of Australia’s economic and skills requirements.

“Contributing to a cohesive and strong community,” said Morrison.

The Australian Federal Budget has allocated 68% of available immigration places to skilled immigrants it will also see a re-prioritization of employer sponsored visas.

This translates to 128 550 places of the available 190 000 being dedicated to skilled migrants and 60 885 places will be available for family migration while the balance of 565 places is marked for migration to Australia under the ‘special eligibility’ class.

“With the reprioritisation towards employer-sponsored visas, employers will be assisted in finding workers to fill vital positions where they have been unable to find local workers. This also protects Australian workers, who will have less direct competition from independent migrants who arrive without a guaranteed job," said Minister Morrison.

The Australian Industry Group believed that the government should raise its immigration intake from 190 000 to 220 000 in 2014 to 15.

According to Innes Willox, the chief executive of the Australian Industry Group, the Australian Workplace Productivity Agency found that the country needs an increase of around 2.8 million individuals with particular skills for the next decade so that existing gaps can be filled.

“We need to find ways to fill those gaps, obviously we can train our own, but the quickest stop gap measure is to import skills,” stated Mr. Willox.

“The proposed increase takes into account the proven benefits to the economy of a strong migration programme. An increase in migrant numbers supports positive growth in our population and especially in our adult workforce, which is important due to relatively low rates of natural population growth,” added Willox.

Australia supports strong family values and recognizes the social and economic value of keeping families together. In support of this Australian value the government increased the number of places available to the family members of skilled migrants.

"The additional 4 000 places in the family stream which the previous government allocated to illegal maritime arrivals have been removed, resulting in a saving of around $267 million," said Minister Morrison, "Changes to the skilled and family stream intakes will provide approximately $35 million in savings."

The Australian values are supported by a recent study placing Australian as the world’s no. 1 happiest industrialized nation for the fourth year running.

According to the study conducted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Better Life Index those living in Australia are some of the happiest people on Earth.

The OECD measures countries according to various aspects contributing factors to a happy life. These include; income, civic engagement, health, education, the quality of the local environment, personal security, overall life satisfaction, family relations, housing and social connectedness.

According to the outcome of this report Australians, and those living in Australia, enjoy an above average quality of life.

For those interviewed who lives in Australia the most valuable factor contributing to their happiness is having a good balance between work and personal life. A value supported by the Australian government for both Australian nationals and migrants to the country.

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