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Australia: These Consultants are always employed

If you are a consultant in your field of expertise and have considered spreading your wings to Australia you might have wondered what the really successful specialized consultants in Australia do. Are they the IT-crowed, medical experts or business specialists?

These Consultants Are Always Employed

Business Insider came up with a list of professions in which consultants easily find well-paying jobs while gaining valuable experience.


According to information they found based on the analysis by consulting-on-demand provider Expert360 project management, process improvement, data science and analysis, financial modelling and business transformation are the most commonly requested consultancy services in Australia.

“A big trend we’re seeing in these projects is growing demand for data and analysis skills," said Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360.

"Businesses are still grappling with how they can best leverage their data to better improve a range of business functions, including internal processes and customer experience.

"This applies across a range of industries, but is particularly relevant in the retail/consumer goods; banking and financial services industries with access to large stores of consumer data and increasing competition from international incumbents."

“Similarly, large companies are looking to bring in experienced project managers to effectively define and drive project success," says Loudon.

"There is strong demand across big corporates for strong project management,. However, insurance, banking, mining and minerals and the healthcare sector demonstrated a particular need for project management skills.
"High quality project managers are incredibly important for enterprise businesses as they not only manage cost and timings, but encourage teamwork, ensure quality and manage integration.”

Consultants in these areas are in demand:


Large corporations: Project management, Process Improvement, Data science and analysis, Financial modelling, Business transformation.

Aviation: Due diligence, Data science and analysis, Customer segmentation.

Banking: Project management, Process improvement, Business transformation.

Mining & metals: Tendering, Project management, Procurement strategy

Logistics & supply chain: Supply chain management, Business analytics, Process improvement

Media: Lead generation, Marketing Strategy, Data science and analysis

Retail: Data science and analysis, Digital transformation, IT project management

Telco: Big data, Change management, Business analytics

Healthcare: Data science and analysis, Process improvement, Project management

Financial services: Due diligence, Change management, Business analytics

Insurance: Project management, Change management, Business strategy

Government: Big data, Digital transformation, Process improvement

Consumer goods: Cost reduction, Process improvement, Marketing strategy


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