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Australia: Tradesmen Command Top Wages as Demand for Skilled Workers Keeps Growing

New data shows more than a quarter of Australia’s tradesmen are in such demand that they are getting paid fantastic wages for their services.  A survey revealed that more tradesmen are declaring six-figure salaries than ever before.  The reason, a simple supply and demand situation.  Australia has more work for plumbers, electricians, builders and boilermakers than they have skilled professionals available to do the job.

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The survey of 1800 people in the trade industry further revealed the likelihood of hitting six figures increased considerably if you are an electrician, handyman, painter, or in property maintenance or construction while at the end of 2018 statistics showed that removalists make the most cash.

A tradie rich list for the 2018 financial year has removalists from New South Wales in the top spot with their charge-out rates rising to a whopping AUD $95.21 per hour. In 2017 their average hourly rate was AUD $88.49 per hour. The data collected in the survey showed that South Australian removalists also managed to top their state’s list for highest-paid tradies.  The national average for removalists was AUD $93.24 per hour.

Plumbers also do very well in Australia earning around ninety dollars an hour followed by electricians, handymen and carpenters.

The list is rounded off by landscapers, plasterers, gardeners, painters and cleaners, who are in 10th spot with a respectable average hourly wage of AUD $33.41.

Job envy

As the demand and pay scale for tradesmen goes up so, it seems does the job envy from others.


In another survey on the same website 1,700 users were interviewed and asked if they would consider a career change to the trades and which trade they would favour.  Twenty eight per cent of the respondents said if they could they would like to be electricians and a further 20 per cent said they wouldn’t mind a career change to plumbing.

Have a Skills Assessment done immediately

If you are a qualified tradesman working in South Africa and think you might be interested in exploring your visa options in Australia your first step would be to source a skilled immigration consultant who will draft an immigration blue print to suite your specs.

It’s always best to start off any project with a good strong foundation and in this case having your skills assessed by an appropriate Australian Skills Assessment authority is your first step to immigration success.   Your immigration consultant will point you in the right direction.

You may qualify if:

  • Your skill is listed as a skill that is in demand in Australia (almost all trades are)
  • You meet Australia’s points count (if applying under skilled migration)
  • You are younger than 45 (if applying under skilled migration)
  • Have proven English Language abilities of a certain level
  • You have a good health and character report
  • You had your skills assessed by a skills assessment authority in Australia



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