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Australia Visa Application: These mistakes could ruin your application

Ever wondered what the common mistakes are that some Australian visa applicants make?  Mistakes seem to be a regular occurrence with more than 4,000 visa applications denied last year.  Those applying for citizenship are not doing any better.  While the Department of Home Affairs says this year’s statistics of citizenship refusals are not “publicly available”, 4,151 applications for citizenship were refused in 2016-17. Most of these cases were based on common mistakes made by the applicant; others just did not make the grade.

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The most common mistakes applicants make are:

Not supplying relevant and complete information on their visa applications

One of the major reasons behind the visa refusal is that applicants don’t provide sufficient information to prove claims made in the application. Make sure that you have supporting documents for all your claims.   For instance, if you indicate that you have a Phd you need to be able to back that up with a diploma from a recognized educational institution.

Lying on their applications and committing fraud

Just don’t do it.  Don’t lie about your qualifications, experience criminal history or anything else.  Australia’s Department of Home Affairs is infamous for their hardline stance on immigration and if it is found that the information or claims made in the application are false you could be charged with visa fraud on the basis of wrong information provided and will either be expelled or prohibited from entering Australia ever again.

Not having the money to support yourself in Australia

Not having the money to support yourself in Australia is just as bad as not having proof that you will be able to provide for your basic needs while in the country.  It is one of the major reasons for the Australian Visa refusal. The applicant needs to satisfy the Department of Home Affairs by providing enough documents of the financial stability.


Unable to prove that you can speak, write and understand enough English to meet requirements

Applicants from South Africa who cannot prove that they were schooled and educated in English as their first language will be required to take either the IELTS, PTE or TOFEL tests and obtain a certificate that prove their English language skills. The visa application may get rejected if the applicant failed to meet this requirement.

Inability to meet the health requirements

While this is not a mistake as such it is one of the most common reasons given for visa applications being rejected.  Australia’s Department of Home Affairs generally ask applicants to get tested for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis or Hepatitis before the visas are issued.

Not of good character and not a law-abiding citizen

Chances are that Australia won’t approve your visa application if you have been found guilty of activities that reflect badly on your character. 

Just so you know; of those who were refused Australian citizenship, 1,866 couldn’t pass the citizenship test. The remaining applications were refused because of failure to prove identity, failing police checks and involvement in extremist organisations.



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