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Australian Beer

Australians always seem very relax and happy, this could be due to the fact that Australians drink an average on 110 Litres of beer per year. They are ranked about 4th in the world currently. Don’t be surprised if your neighbour invites you around for a barbie and a couple of tinnies . (Tinnies is a slang word for beer in a can, tin/tinnies).

Cascade Brewery in Tasmania is the nation’s oldest brewery. It was established in 1824 around the time of British colonisation.

Captain James Cook actually had beer onboard with him on his ship Endeavour in the hope of preserving their drinking water for long voyages. 

A letter by a crew member before the voyage in regards to taking beer along for the voyage.

"a quantity of Molasses and Turpentine, in order to brew Beer with, for your daily drink, when your Water becomes bad. … Brewing Beer at sea will be peculiarly useful in case you should have stinking water on board; for I find by Experience that the smell of stinking water will be entirely destroyed by the process of fermentation."

If only beer could be substituted for water, aaah the good old days!

The largest brewery in Australia is Coopers Brewer, which is a family owned business.

Other notable breweries are Lion Nathan and the Fosters group, surprisingly owned by SAB-Miller. So you see, even if you migrate to Australia, you still have South African owned companies brewing your beer. Now isn’t that great news!

Kirin Brewing Company from Japan has also been established in Australia. A great beer to go down with your sushi.

It is great to know that no matter how far you travel away from South Africa, there will always be a cold beer waiting for you in Australia.

Cheers mate!

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