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Australian employers are filling six-figure salary jobs with migrants

Australian employers say they are turning to skilled migrants to fill high paying jobs which they are struggling to fill with local talent.

A new survey revealed that only a third of sonographer positions are being filled despite employers offering salaries of AUS $120,000. Engineers are hard to come by too with jobs taking six weeks or longer to fill – not even salaries of more than AUD $130,000 are attracting the right people for the job from the local talent pool.

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From building and mine sites to the hospital, at least half the advertised vacancies are remaining unfilled after six weeks.  This creates an ideal situation for would-be migrants considering the move to Australia.

Sonographers: Typical salary in Australia is AUD $120,000 per annum - more than double Australia's median annual salary of $55,400.  Only 1.4 applicants, on average, apply for every advertised job in a hospital or a private clinic reported the MailOnline.

'Employers had difficulty filling vacancies across the public and private sectors,' the government said.

Surveyors: are commonly offered salaries around AUD $120,000 but in New South Wales, only a third of positions are being filled six weeks after it has been advertised.

Mining Engineer:  Mining Engineers have brilliant employment prospects in Australia.  These jobs are advertised with salaries of around AUD $130,000 but employers are struggling to fill even half of the positons available.

Automotive Electrician: Typically there is a demand for all tradesmen.  Auto Electricians can expect excellent offers of AUD $110,000 and more as employers struggle to fill 85% of vacant jobs.

Vets: Again, numerous opportunities exist for Vets.  Australia struggles to fill more than 70 per cent of their vet vacancies even though good salaries of around AUD $103,000 are on offer from employers.

Electrical Engineers: With less than half of available positions for Electrical Engineers filled – you won’t struggle to find a good job with a very respectable salary of around AUD $103,000 salary in Australia.


If you are qualified and employed in one of these careers and you are interested in immigrating to Australia, you should speak to a immigration consultant about the process.  With new visa options and a revamped point system – moving to Australia might be easier than you think!


Source: MailOnline

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