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Australian Medicare - Free??

If you live in Australia, you will be covered by a Government Scheme called Medicare. It is a national health care organization that gives you free treatment in all public hospitals and provides you with lower rates for doctors and other specialist that work outside of hospitals. Private health care insurance works with the public system in order to offer members a broad choice of services. Members are allowed to choose which doctor they see and what hospital they go too. Private insurance covers other services such as; dental, optical items, physiotherapy and podiatry services. Basic medical services are free for everyone who lives in Australia.



Why you need to be covered if you are visiting or moving to Australia

As with most countries, health care can end up costing you a lot of money when you are in Australia. Just a few days in a hospital for a minor operation can end up costing you thousands of dollars if you are not covered by health insurance.

If you have a life changing illness or injury, you need to make sure that you find a health care insurance that includes repatriation services in their plan. It is important that your insurer has the ability to pay the costs of return travel that includes the necessary medical supervision.

Immigrating to a different country has its fair share of challenges. Being a member of a health insurance will make it easier for you to navigate your way through the health system. Having insurance will also provide you with peace of mind.

Should you need the services of an ambulance while you are in Australia, it can cost thousands of dollars. Almost all health care insurers will include ambulance services in their policies.

Insurance and visa applications for working holiday and 457 applications

Most of the time, it will be mandatory for you to have health insurance in place when you are applying for a working visa for Australia. You will need to be able to cover the costs for health care when you are in Australia.

It is vital that you choose a reputable insurance provider, one that meets the government’s requirements. Your expert immigration consultant will be able to give you sound advice regarding this matter.

Some of the visitor visas do not require that you have health cover, but the government recommends that you do in order to avoid hefty fees in the event that you do need medical help while visiting Australia.


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