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Australian Permanent Residency is the way to go

This five-year visa gives the holder thereof a number of advantages which includes being able to work and live Down Under, but it also allows the holder access to free education, the state medical system and could even qualify you for state assistance when buying your first home!

Australian Permanent Residency Is The Way To Go

We looked at the advantages of obtaining your Australian Permanent Residency:


Live in Australia indefinitely

A permanent [residency] visa entitles you to travel in and out of the country all you want for the length of your visa. The visa is usually valid for 5-year period. Even if it has expired, you can remain in the country indefinitely except that you won’t be able to travel out of the country unless you obtain a Resident Return Visa.

Work in Australia

The next important aspect of permanent residence is the aspect of a work permit. Permanent residents can work for any employer in any occupation. But, working in the Public Service or Armed forces is strictly restricted to the Australian Citizens. This, however, does not distinguish the industrial laws between the permanent residents and citizens. Permanent residents enjoy the same benefits under these laws as the citizens. They can become a part of trade unions and can claim worker’s compensation.

Freedom to Travel

Australian Permanent Residence allows you to travel in and out of Australia for the duration of your visa. If your visa expires, you will still be eligible to stay in the country but will not be able to leave Australia without a Resident Return Visa. The great news is that, through an agreement between the Australian and Kiwi governments, you are also able to visit and explore New Zealand with this visa.

Get your international degree

There are certain education loans that are available only to permanent residents and applies to those who plan on studying at one of Australia’s respected universities. These loans are extremely helpful in assisting you financially while studying . Under the Higher Education Support Act 2003, only Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders can access the Higher Education Loans Program (HELP) and the associated discount for up-front payments.

It’s the first step to Australian Citizenship

There is a set of requirements to be met for obtaining citizenship in Australia, which is the ultimate migration status that an individual can hope to achieve. This status can only be granted to one who is an Australian Permanent Resident and has held this status for a period of five years.

Aussie kids

If your children are born during the time of your permanent residency they will automatically be given Australian citizenship! Children who are Australian citizens will be allowed free access to facilities like education and health care.

You could sponsor relatives

Permanent residents can also sponsor their relatives for acquisition of permanent residence.

Access to free medical care

Holders of Australian permanent residency are eligible for Medicare which is a comprehensive coverage which covers all the possible aspects of healthcare possible. You will also qualify for cheaper health insurance. Once you are an Australian Permanent Resident, you will also be entitled to use Centrelink which is a master program of the Department of Human Services run by the government of Australia which is dedicated to social security payment disbursement. The social security benefits given out by this department extends to students, families, retirees, unemployed persons, parents and people with disabilities.

Help with buying a home

For the purchase of a first home, an Australian Permanent citizen will receive a $7,000 incentive and waiver of stamp duty. Furthermore, the restrictions of the Foreign Investment Review Board imposed on purchase of residential property no longer apply (you are now no longer officially considered a foreigner).

Great credit rating


Once you become Australian Permanent Resident, your credit rating immediately goes up. You will be in a better position for approval of home loans, car loans, personal loans, credit cards and so on.

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