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Bring Grandpa and Grandma home to you in Australia

Family is the most important thing in life and when you have limited access to your loved ones you quickly realize how valuable your time together really is. For too long children of South African immigrants in Australia had to be content with spending time with gramps on Skype.

Bring Grandpa And Grandma Home To You In Australia

But this is about to change. Australia’s new Parent visa means that nearly 150 000 South Africans living in Australia can now have their parents or grandparents around for much longer.


The Australia Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa was announced by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection earlier this year and will come into effect in November this year.

Historically Australia’s parent visa was not a very user friendly system often keeping families separated for as long as 30 years while their parent visa application was being processed. To add to frustration the process was very expensive and families often gave up on trying to be reunited.

The Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa will allow Australian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents to stay in Australia for up to five years at a time. The visa may be renewed from outside of Australia to allow a cumulative stay of up to ten years.

The change follows months of community consultation and is a response to calls from migrant communities who have been pressuring the government for reform to parent visas, arguing that the current system is complex and prone to long delay.

Those sponsoring their parents for the new visa need to be Australian citizens or permanent residents, or “eligible New Zealand citizens”.

The visa-holders would not be allowed to reapply beyond the 10 years and would have no pathway to permanent residency.

The visa will cost around R104 000 for five years and just over R50 000 for the three-year option.

Migrants in Australia can sponsor their parents to join them Down Under if:

• They are a biological, adoptive, or step-child of the parent
• They are older than 18 years
• They are Australian citizens or permanent residents
• They are willing to accept medical, financial and legal responsibility for their parents


Speak to your immigration consultant about your best options in reuniting your family!

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