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Celebrating Australia Day – 7 Easy Steps to Make the Most of it

Celebrating Australia Day – 7 Easy Steps to Make the Most of it!

Australia Day happens on the 26th of January every year. It is the day where Australians reflect on what they have managed to achieve in the past. This public holiday is celebrated across the country by millions of Aussies.




1. Choose the way that you want to celebrate

The way that you decide to celebrate is entirely up to you, but the one thing that you MUST remember is this – do not celebrate by yourself! Here are some ideas for you to consider.

  • Go to one of the local events (sausage sizzles, regattas, musical events, face painting etc.)
  • Have a rip roaring party at home with friends.
  • Pop into the local pub for a few too many celebratory drinks.
  • Chill out at the beach and soak in some sun.
  • Go down to the museum and learn more about Australian history.
  • Throw a party at work.

2. Dress up!

Get dressed up in the Aussie colours. Use temporary tattoos, jewellery, sunbrellas, face paints and whatever else you can get your hands on. What colours should you use? Here are a couple of colour schemes that will go down really well.

  • Eucalyptus green and wattle yellow are great colours for reflecting on the past and they also represent the colours of the land.
  • Blue, white and red are used to reflect the flag – don’t forget to throw in a few stars as well.
  • Black, yellow and red (ochre) are the colours of the Aboriginal flag.
  • Any national costume will be a winner.
  • Blue, white and green happen to be the colours of the Torres Strait Islander flag.

3. Check out the fireworks

Most towns and cities hold fireworks evenings. Pack a picnic basket, grab a blanket and go early so that you get a good spot.

4. Go to another Aussie city for a different kind of celebration

Sydney is one truly amazing place to be on Australia Day. Here you will have the opportunity to hang out at the Harbour in the day and enjoy the fireworks when the sun goes down. Visiting Canberra is another fantastic city to explore on this national holiday.

5. Fly the flag

Hoist up the Australian flag in your front yard, hang one out of your car or wear one as a costume. There are three flags to choose from – it is your choice!

6. Whip up some Aussie food

What better way to celebrate! Prepare a feast for your family and friends. Make a few pie floaters, some Pavlova, lamingtons or cool little koala cookies. Dessert could be a cake in the shape of Australia.

7. Play a Didgeridoo

Not such an easy instrument to play, but fun none the less! If you do not know how to play the didg, find someone who can teach you how too. This traditional Aboriginal instrument is fascinating and has a story of its own to tell.

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