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Did you know you might be eligible for an Australian Work Visa?

The Australian Federal Government is looking for talented migrants with skills which are in short supply in Australia.  Three lists, the Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short‑term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Regional Occupation List (ROL), list occupations which are in demand in certain areas or under certain conditions.  If your job is listed on one of these lists you may qualify for an Australian Work Visa which will allow you and your family to move to Australia!

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Perhaps you have been keeping an eye on these lists and so far your occupation has not come up.  But as the Australian government regularly updates these lists to meet local demand and employers’ needs the list is updated too and on March 11th a number of occupations were added to the lists. The list will remain dynamic and change as Australia’s needs change so it’s best to familiarize yourself with these list as the currently stand.

The MLTSSL, STSOL and ROL are available from your immigration consultant, but it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with the occupations on the list and to keep an eye out for changes that may affect you.

We have summarized the most recent changes below.

For Skilled Occupations and Employer Nominated Occupations:

37 occupations have been added to the MLTSSL

  1. All classes of Physicists
  2. Arts Administrator or Manager
  3. Environmental Manager
  4. Dancer or Choreographer
  5. Music Director
  6. Musician (instrumental)
  7. Artistic Director
  8. Statistician
  9. Economist
  10. Mining Engineer (excluding petroleum)
  11. Petroleum Engineer
  12. Engineering Professionals (nec)
  13. Chemist
  14. Food Technologist
  15. Environmental Consultant
  16. Environmental Research Scientist
  17. Environmental Scientist (nec)
  18. Geophysicist
  19. Hydrogeologist
  20. Life Scientist (general)
  21. Biochemist
  22. Biotechnologist
  23. Botanist
  24. Marine Biologist
  25. Microbiologist
  26. Zoologist
  27. Life Scientists (nec)
  28. Conservator
  29. Metallurgist
  30. Meteorologist
  31. Natural and Physical Science Professionals (nec)
  32. University Lecturer
  33. Multimedia Specialist
  34. Software and Applications Programmers (nec)
  35. Horse Trainer
  36. Tennis Coach


18 occupations have been added to the ROL

  1. Aquaculture Farmer
  2. Cotton Grower
  3. Fruit or Nut Grower
  4. Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower (Aus)/Field Crop Grower (NZ)
  5. Mixed Crop Farmer
  6. Sugar Cane Grower
  7. Crop Farmers (nec)
  8. Beef Cattle Farmer
  9. Dairy Cattle Farmer
  10. Deer Farmer
  11. Goat Farmer
  12. Mixed Livestock Farmer
  13. Pig Farmer
  14. Sheep Farmer
  15. livestock farmers (nec)
  16. Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer
  17. Dentist
  18. Anesthetist


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