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Don’t fall victim to Australian marriage visa scams warns South African Immigration Expert

“Don’t fall for this type of scam,” warns Robbie Ragless, CEO of immigration specialists, New World Immigration adding that, “there are no short cuts to entering a country legally.”

Don’T Fall Victim To Australian Marriage Visa Scams Warns South African Immigration Expert

Ragless’ comments comes on the back of recent Australian media reports of an Australian former migration agent and marriage celebrant who are accused of attempting to arrange 16 marriages with the sole purpose of obtaining Australian spousal visas for foreign nationals.

One of the perpetrator’s linked with crime is also charged with 34 further offences based on allegations he helped fill out people implicated in the crime’s visa applications.

“Australian immigration laws prohibit the completion of immigration applications by any person other than the applicant themselves or a registered MARA practitioner,” comments Ragless on the charge adding that those planning to immigrate to Australia should insist on seeing their immigration agent’s MARA certification before starting the application process.

This type of migration fraud is not uncommon in Australia and in this particular case the Brisbane Magistrates Court processing the charge heard from more than a dozen women who said they were offered between $1000 and $30,000 to enter into fake marriages with unknown foreigners for the purpose of allowing them access into the country.

The women, in their 20s and 30s, said they signed the paperwork at an Oxley unit in Brisbane's south-west after hearing of the opportunity through word-of-mouth.

"When I signed the certificate I had $5000 given to me on that day," testified one witness, who estimated she received $20,000 in total. "I also got money every week from my partner."

Several Indian men testified to hiring the scammer to help them secure a partner visa which included one man who paid the conmen AU$ 5000 to organise a marriage with an Australian woman after an application to extend his student visa was rejected.

Ragless offer sensible advice, “Stay on the right side of the law when you are planning on applying for a visa to any country, don’t be tempted to take short cuts or help foreigners into the country by being tempted by lucrative offers.

“Consult a registered professional immigration professional if you are considering applying for a visa. There is only one way to obtain your visa and that is through the correct and legal channels or you will face the consequence.”

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