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Don’t get caught in Australian visa scams

A man who allegedly duped dozens of migrants into paying for non-existent working visas has been arrested by the Australian Federal Police.

Don’T Get Caught In Australian Visa Scams

Most of Prasad's companies exist only in name and there are no jobs reported the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this week.

Police sources have told the ABC that both the NSW and Queensland Police as well as the Immigration Department are "very interested" in talking to Mr Prasad.

"We have been investigating him for some time," a police source said to ABC

Prasad has been extradited to South Australia where he will face 23 charges relating to fraud.

"I have never acted as a migration agent," he said, denying any wrong doing.

Get yourself a legally registered and MARA recognized migration agent said Robbie Ragless, CEO of South Africa’s leading immigration practice.  “We help people with their immigration queries and visa applications every day if it sounds too good to be true – it is. Insist on seeing proof that you are dealing with professionals,” warns Ragless.

"I acted as a sales rep to sell SVC Legal as a registered migration law firm,” admitted Prasad.

In a statement, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said his department had been working on the case with the Australian Federal Police, as well as police in NSW, South Australia and Queensland.

"Unfortunately there have been instances of people pretending to be migration agents and providing false or misleading information to take advantage of a person's desire to travel to Australia," he said.

"This calendar year, my department has sanctioned eight migration agents resulting in either a caution, suspension, cancellation or a barring decision on their registration.

"Additionally, my department has found breaches in regard to 93 complaints made against registered migration agents during the same period."

“It is in the prospective migrant’s best interest to seek proper professional assistance when considering immigrating to Australia – or any country,” advices Ragless.

“New World Immigration would certainly recommend that you find out if the immigration practice or agency is legally registered with a recognized authority.  Ask for references.  Never go by just what you see on their website and schedule a visit at their place of business too,” said Mr Ragless when asked how clients should protect themselves against scam artists adding that clients should ask for a cost estimate and as soon as a job or visa is guaranteed alarm bells should sound as neither is ever guaranteed regardless of how good the applicant or the agent is.

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