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Expats give Australian Education an A+

Australia rates amongst the best of the best every time a Business Insider survey is conducted! This year the country scored exceptionally well in the standard of living, work / home life balance and schooling categories.

Expats Give Australian Education An Aplus

Being able to grant your child access to top notch schooling is often an important deciding factor for families when making their decision to immigrate or work in another country.


Year on year Australia’s education system makes the cut and, being awarded a top- 10 spot is certainly an indication of a brilliant schooling system, but the country seems to be an all-round winner when it comes to raising children.

In February Business Insider’s Family Life Index surveyed childcare and education systems, children’s health and safety and their access to recreation and sporting facilities.

In this survey Australia rated 7th. The country scored well across the board but it hit the number one spot for available leisure activities for children, which boosted it into the top 10.

This is the top-10 education achievers

10. Australia — "Education is deemed easy to afford by 64% of expats, compared to 45% globally. The quality of education is also appreciated by an impressive 84% of respondents."

9. Netherlands — While the low-lying European nation is only ranked as the 24th best country overall in InterNations' survey, it is well ahead when it comes to education, just cracking the top 10.

8. Taiwan — Taiwan ranked as the best country for expats overall, and part of that was down to the quality of education. However, "for both childcare and education, only 3% of expat parents completely agree that these are easy to afford," InterNations says.

7. Belgium — "This year, a third of expat parents consider the quality of education in Belgium very good. Last year, just about one-sixth (17%) said the same."

6. Israel — 84% of expat parents living in Israel consider the educational standards to be favourable, according to the InterNations survey.

5. Hong Kong — Hong Kong is in "the bottom three for both availability of education and its costs," InterNations says, but the quality is top notch.

4. South Korea — Education quality in South Korea appears to have increased this year, and "47% of expat parents in South Korea rate the quality of education as excellent this year compared to just 22% last year."

3. Switzerland — "The quality of education is among the best in the world," according to parents surveyed by InterNations.

2. Singapore — Expats in Singapore are not particularly happy with the cost of education in the city-state, but "53% of expat parents also rate the quality of education as excellent."


1. Finland — The top country for expat education, "an impressive 70% say the quality of education there is excellent compared to the global average of just 21%," InterNations says.

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