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Five facts about the Australian Work Visa you should know

Here are a few things you would need to consider in preparation of your decision making process:

1. Minimum Salary

The minimum salary level for a migrant on a 457 visa is $53,900 per year. This is considered the minimum amount you'll need to live in Australia and is called the TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold).

However, if there is an Australian working for the business in an equivalent position to yours, you'll need to show that you are getting paid the same, or more, than the Australian worker. This requirement is called the "Market Rate Salary" requirement.

If there is no Australian worker in an equivalent position, you'd then need to show that you are being paid what an Australian worker would be paid by referring to industry awards, salary surveys and researching salaries for other similar positions being offered.

2. Skills assessment

Some 457 applicants are required to do a formal skills assessment. In general, you will need to show that you meet the entry skill level as set out in the ANZSCO definition for your occupation. 457 occupations are generally skill level 1-3, namely:

Skill Level 1: Managers and Professionals - bachelor degree or 5 years of relevant work experience

Skill Level 2: Associate Professionals - diploma (2 year qualification) or 3 years of relevant work experience

Skill Level 3: Trades and Technicians - Certificate IV (1.5 year qualification) or 3 years of relevant work experience or Certificate III including 2 years of on-the-job training


Sponsored tradespersons would have to undergo a trade test.

Program or Project Administrators and Specialist Managers NEC:

Professionals in this field will require a skills assessment through VETASSESS. This involves a formal qualification and proven 1-3 years’ work experience in your occupation.

The Australian Department of Immigration may require a formal skills assessment if they have doubts as to your skill level.

3. Private Health Insurance

As a migrant you will be required to prove that you hold private health insurance during your stay.

You'll need a special letter from the insurance company showing that you have the right level of cover to be granted a 457.

4. Prove that an Australian can’t do the job

Your Australian employer would have to prove to the Australian government that they could not fill your position by a local. In other words no Australian was able and qualified to fill the position you are being appointed for. Unless evidence of this accompanies the application, your application could be refused.

5. Language Proficiency

Migrants must be able to prove their English language proficiency before their 457 visa will be approved. This usually requires the applicant to undergo and pass an English test.

Whilst the 457 visa is simple in concept, the legislation behind it is actually quite complex. There are potential pitfalls that are not widely understood and that many applicants may not be aware of.


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