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Get your visa now, more changes are afoot

Australia is considering forcing all migrants seeking permanent residency to spend time in Australia on provisional visas as part of streamlined measures that would cut costs.

Get Your Visa Now More Changes Are Afoot

Reports in the media said that, “under the proposed system new provisional visa holders might not have the same access to welfare payments and services permanent residents are entitled to, according to documents leaked last year”.


First reported on by The Australian it seems that the Australian government could be considering further changes to their immigration system. This comes after the 457 visa was scrapped in June in favour of the TSS visa programme comprising of a Short-Term stream of up to two years and a Medium-Term stream of up to four years .

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton yesterday asked for public views on a discussed paper he released. The aim of the suggested changes is in an effort to simplify the Australian visa system while also cutting costs. This will include reducing the number of visa-types available to foreigners to only ten.

Minister Dutton said that should the changes be accepted it will improve the integrity of the visa system and ease “the burden on taxpayers”.

“The government provided over $35 million over two years in this year’s budget for initial scoping work on service delivery to be undertaken,” said Mr Dutton adding that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection plans to approach the private sector to modernise the visa application process.

“Most of the permanent visa categories, however, do not have a provisional stage, and applicants do not have to spend any time in Australia prior to applying for — or being granted — permanent residence. Permanent residents might also be eligible to receive welfare payments and services,” the Department of Immigration and Border Protection consultation paper reads.


“The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, the United States and others have a more formal ­assessment process and period for evaluating those who seek to stay permanently.’’

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