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Immigration to Australia: South Australia released new State-Nominated Occupation list

According to immigration South Australia the occupations listed applies to international graduates too and the state welcomes applications from migrants and would-be migrants.

Immigration To Australia

South Australia’s list of occupations that are in demand is derived from the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) – a list of skills required throughout Australia and is approved by the Australian government. The occupations and skills listed below are considered to be in specific demand in the state of South Australia. Applicants who are seeking state nomination in South Australia under the General Skilled Migration program, must have an occupation that features on this list to apply unless they meet the Supplementary Skilled List requirements.


According to Immigration South Australia, Occupations are chosen based on detailed workforce analysis of current skill shortages and the likely demand of those skills in the future. According to Immigration South Australia this analysis involves extensive industry consultation with associations and industry-linked training councils. The list and analysis also takes into account various other criteria such as the age of the workforce, supply from local and international graduates, and interstate migration.

A host of occupations have been opened up for state nomination including chief executives, general managers, farmers, farm managers, chefs, restaurant managers, ICT professionals etc.

1. Chief Executives, General Managers & Legislators
2. Farmers and Farm Managers
3. Specialist Managers
4. Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers
5. Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals
6. Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals
7. Education Professionals
8. Health Professionals
9. ICT Professionals
10. Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals
11. Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians
12. Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
13. Construction Trades Workers
14. Electrotechnology & Telecommunications Trades Workers
15. Food Trades Workers
16. Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers
17. Other Technicians & Trades Workers
18. Health & Welfare Support Workers
19. Sales Representatives & Agents

If your occupation or skill is listed above and you are interested in migrating to South Australia speak to a immigration practitioner at New World Immigration who will be able to assess your skillset and determine if you qualify for an Australian work visa.


Qualifying for an Australian Work Visa requires the applicant to meet certain criteria which includes, but is not limited to, age, formal qualifications, experience in their field, health and character excellence.

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