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Intercountry Adoption in Australia - part 2

Inter - country Adoption - Aussie Rules and Regulations – PART 2


In past one, we discussed the Hague Convention, who may adopt and the requirements that there are involved in adopting a child in Australia. 

Who Can Be Adopted

Eligibility Requirements

The requirements might vary depending on which State you are in. In most cases the child you wish to adopt must be under 18 years of age and may not be married. Adoption can only happen if there are absolutely no other alternatives for the child in question. The interests and welfare of the child is always first taken into consideration before anything else. 

How to Adopt a Child

There are a few institutions who handle adoption in Australia. The Australian Central Authority for Inter – country Adoption is the Attorney General’s Department. The Commonwealth Government has the responsibility to oversee all adoption programs within Australia.

Territory and State Central Authorities are responsible for processing all the application that come forward as well as assessing all prospective parents to see if they are suitable to adopt a child or not. More information regarding this can be obtained from an immigration specialist.

The Process that Will Need to be Followed

Each and every inter–country adoption processed by PM Residents or Citizens of Australia is done so in accordance with the Hague Convention. Most adoption applications are assessed by the relevant authority where they will determine whether or not the applicants are suitable. If they are deemed suitable, then only will their application be forwarded for approval from the country in which they intend adopting from.

If the application is successfull with the overseas authorities, they will send a placement proposal to the Territory or State that you are in for approval. Once your application is approved, you will be invited to go and meet the child in their country. The waiting and approval times will depend on a number of factors, including which country the child is being adopted from.

The way in which adoptions are finalized will depend on the State or Territory that you are from and the regulations that apply to the country in which you are planning on adopting a child from. Once you have the go ahead to go and meet the child that you have been matched with, you will need to get more information regarding the visas that you will need in order to enter the country you need to go to. It is strongly advised that you seek the professional services of an immigration expert to help you through the sometimes difficult process.


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