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Intercountry Adoption in Australia

Inter - country Adoption - Aussie Rules and Regulations - PART 1



The Hague Convention

Every single inter-country adoption in the country needs to meet the requirements of this Convention.

The Hague Convention states that Australia is only allowed to receive children from other countries and is not allowed to place Australian children with families from other countries.

All prospective adoptive parents who reside in Australia need to know that each state has a different set of guidelines regarding adoption and that each application will need to meet the specific states requirements. It depends on what State you are in, but most times the parents need to be residents of that State and one of the parents needs to either be a citizen of Australia or a PM of the country.

Who May Adopt

Each State has its own legislation regarding adoption in and outside of Australia. It is generally known as the States ‘Adoption Act’. Prospective parents who live in Australia who are looking to adopt children within the country or from overseas need to meet the requirements of the specific State in which they are. More information regarding the rules and regulations of the different States can be obtained from an immigration expert or from the local adoptive authority.

Residency Requirements

The requirements differ from State to State. Most of the time, it is required that the prospective parents be Australian citizens or a PM of the country.

Marriage Requirements

Again, it will depend on which State you are in, but most married couples, single people and de-facto couples will be allowed to apply to adopt.

Age Requirements

Prospective parents need to be at least 18 years of age. Sometimes there are exceptions, but it depends on the area that you live in.

Income Requirements

How much the prospective parents need to earn will again depend on which State they are living in. The applicants will need to prove that they are able to provide for the children, should they be eligible to adopt.

More Requirements

There are other requirements involved when it comes to adopting children. The health of the prospective parents may need to be disclosed depending on what the regulations of a specific State are. Contact an immigration expert to assist you with obtaining this very important information.

In PART 2 of Inter - country Adoption we will discuss who can be adopted, how to go about adopting and the process that is involved.

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