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Looking for a Job in Australia? Why you MUST have a Skills Assessment in place before

In short, having a Skills Assessment done prior to you looking for work abroad means you are putting yourself miles ahead of candidates who have not gotten this step done.  Having it done in advance saves you and your prospective employer a lot of time and frustration. Statistics show that 98% of applications made to prospective employers in Australia WITHOUT skills assessments are met with rejections.


What is a Skills Assessment?

In effect, your local qualifications must be assessed to determine if they are on par with Australian Standards. If they are, you are awarded with a certificate highlighting this. This certificate is then used to apply for your work permit or permanent residency application.

Why Employers in Australia will Favour your Application over others!

Directors, Recruiters or Managers within companies are busy people. If you don’t show your employability, your CV will end up in the trash very quickly. Having a skills assessment done will do the following:

  • Impress the employer with your proactivity
  • Demonstrate that you are able to apply for a work permit or permanent residency very quickly because you have completed this mandatory step
  • Demonstrate clearly that your qualifications are indeed comparable to Australian standards
  • Separate you from the hundreds of CV’s without assessment certificates

Where can I get a Skills Assessment done?

New World Immigration has assisted thousands of families with their immigration to Australia with incredible success rates. If you would like YOUR skills assessed before you start looking for work, please contact +2721 555 0951 or complete our free assessment on



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