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Migrants are Doing Very Well says Australian Study

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says that migrants are adjusting well to life in Australia and living the Australian dream.

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Statistics gathered between 2000 and 2016, unsurprisingly, revealed that skilled and educated migrants were much more likely to succeed and prosper in Australia than those who live in the country on humanitarian visas.  This reflects the Australian government's historic approach to migrant selection as a form of "recruiting" residents and citizens who are likely to be gainfully employed assets to their employers and the Australian way of life.

Some more facts about migrants in Australia:

  • Most migrants arriving in Australia under the economic migration stream are homeowners or in the process of buying their own home
  • More were born in India than in any other country
  • The most common professions under migrants are in the fields of business, human resources and marketing
  • Migrants have accounted for about two in three (64.5 per cent) new jobs created in the country over the past five years
  • The most common weekly income for migrants who entered the country between 2000 and 2016 was $650 - $999 per week in 2016
  • One in three skilled migrants earned $1500 per week while unskilled migrants were more likely to earn around $350 per week
  • Melbourne was the most popular destination for migrants followed by Sydney.

In response to the findings the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia Chair Mary Patetsos said permanent migrants owning or buying a home shows their determination to be part of Australian society.

“This new data, showing that 54 per cent of permanent migrants own or are buying a home, illustrates the commitment of migrants to their new land," said Ms Patetsos to the Sydney Morning Herald.  She continued to say that home ownership, along with the other findings, demonstrated that migrants are ambitious and hard working.

"Those arriving in the skilled stream are getting a foot on the property ladder, however, those coming under the humanitarian stream may be struggling with housing affordability as most of them arrive in NSW and Victoria," Mr Brailey said of the 60 per cent of humanitarian migrants who are not home owners.


Mr Brailey said skilled migrants had the highest levels of English proficiency at 92 per cent, while those in the family and humanitarian streams, had lower rates of English proficiency at 73 per cent and 66 per cent respectively.

Statistics found that Melbourne was the most common destination gaining 12,431 people.  Sydney was the second most common destination gaining 8,780 migrants.


Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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