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Moving to Australia, Finding somewhere to call home

Finding somewhere to call home (even just temporarily) is certainly your biggest priority once you arrive in Australia. Living in the airport lounge will not um… ‘fly’ with Aussie authorities and as you can imagine it is most uncomfortable – as demonstrated by Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks, Terminal).

Moving To Australia Finding Somewhere To Call Home

Deciding to ‘wing it’ when you land is probably not the most thought out plan and certainly, will cause problems at customs if you don’t have an address. This is why planning ahead can make things so much easier and your whole experience that much more enjoyable.


Luckily there is absolutely no shortage of accommodation in Australia. The choices are only limited by your budget.

Arrival Accommodation

Most new arrivals choose to book arrival accommodation. This typically serves as a base to get a shower, sleep off the jet lag and find a more permanent accommodation solution.

The exact type of arrival accommodation you select will largely be influenced by your taste and budget. For students, or for those with limited finances, a hostel might be the best option, to begin with.

Of course hotels, guesthouses and B&B’s are popular and convenient choices too. If your budget is more limited and a hostel is not your thing or you have kids traveling with you may choose motels or self-catering apartments.

Booking arrival accommodation

Booking arrival accommodation can be handled quickly and easily online. There are a large number of accommodation websites that let you book hotels, hostels or apartments in Australia, including sites like Expedia,, Hotels Combined, Airbnb and much more.

Short term accommodation

Now that you have seen where you work and have had a chance to check out the bus and train schedule you might be ready to try out some short-term accommodation. Renting a house or apartment means that if need be you can still easily pull your roots and move somewhere else. What if you bought a house with a shady neighbour or too far from the best school for your kids? What if the gym on the corner really isn’t for you and now you are schlepping across town to the one you like? Renting is a great way to help you make informed long-term accommodation decisions – and it certainly is cheaper than a hotel.

Rental costs are obviously influenced by a number of factors, including the size of the residence, its location, its proximity to public transport, how old it is, and much more.


It’s also worth pointing out that the rental market in Australia is quite competitive, particularly in capital cities. In popular inner-city suburbs in major centers, you can expect to battle it out with plenty of other property hunters and also to pay more than you would otherwise expect.

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