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Moving to Australia

What goes and what stays....

Moving To Australia

I know of a poor soul who loved his South African custard so much it was the one thing he couldn’t leave behind when he immigrated to Australia. But Australia is very clear that no animal products or by-products may be moved across a border and this saw the poor guy’s Ultramel being dumped down the drain.


To prepare you, we visited the Australian Border Authority’s website for a list of banned, prohibited and restricted items. The list below is not very specific so it is certainly best to get a comprehensive list from your immigration agent or you might face stiff fines, even jail time but certainly confiscation of your property.

The Australian Government controls the import of certain goods into Australia. The controls include:

• Anabolic or androgenic substances (restricted import)
• Antibiotics (restricted import)
• Asbestos (restricted import)
• Cat and dog fur products (restricted import)
• Ceramic ware - glazed (restricted import)
• Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises)
• Chemical weapons (restricted import)
• Chewing tobacco and oral snuff (restricted import)
• Cigarette lighters (restricted import)
• Cosmetics - toxic materials (restricted import)
• Credit cards - counterfeit (restricted import)
• Crowd control equipment (restricted import)
• Cultural heritage goods – general
• Diamonds - Kimberley Process (restricted import)
• Dogs - dangerous breeds (prohibited import)
• Drugs and narcotics (restricted import)
• Endangered animal and plant species - CITES (restricted import)
• Erasers - novelty (restricted import) – Yes! Really.
• Explosives, plastic (restricted import)
• Firearms and Ammunition (restricted import)
• Fish and toothfish (restricted import)
• Fly swatters/mosquito bats - electronic (restricted import) – better just get a new one in Oz.
• Growth hormones and substances of human or animal origin (restricted import)
• Hazardous waste (restricted import)
• Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) (restricted import)
• Incandescent lamps (restricted import)
• Knives and daggers (restricted import)
• Laser pointers (restricted import) – we know what you are thinking…
• Money boxes, novelty - toxic materials (restricted import)
• Ozone depleting substances/Synthetic Greenhouse Gases (restricted import)
• Pencils and paintbrushes - toxic materials (restricted import)
• Pesticides and other hazardous chemicals (restricted import)
• Psychoactive substances
• Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Terphenyls and Polyphenyls (restricted import)
• Pornography and other objectionable material (restricted import)
• Radioactive substances (restricted import)
• Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (SSAN)
• Suicide devices (prohibited import)
• Tablet Presses (restricted import)
• Therapeutic drugs and substances (restricted import)
• Tobacco - unmanufactured leaf (restricted import)
• Toys - toxic material (restricted import)
• Viable materials/stem cells derived from human embryo clones (prohibited import)
• Warfare Goods and other Weapons (restricted import)


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