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Northern Australia Work Visas Now Valid for an Extended Period

"Beyond giving visa holders more options when visiting and working in Australia this will also support employers in the north seeking to attract and retain staff who are trained in their roles and keen to stay on for longer than six months," he said in a statement.

Northern Australia Work Visas Now Valid For An Extended Period

Applying for a Skilled Migration Visa or a 457-visa

The subclass 457 visa is for skilled workers from outside the borders of Australia who have been sponsored by a business to work for them in Australia on a temporary basis.

A business can sponsor a skilled migrant worker if they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian citizen or permanent resident to take up the position listed in the Critical Skills Occupations List.

Before one can apply for a work permit, make sure that the company is a registered company who may sponsor skilled workers
The purpose of the sponsorship stage is to confirm that the business wanting to employ the skilled worker:

- is a lawfully operating business
- has no adverse information about it or any of its directors
- meets the department's training requirements (Australian businesses only)

Australian businesses must also show their commitment to employing local labour so the application will be prepared in such a manner that demonstrates this.

As an approved sponsor, the company can nominate an unlimited number of subclass 457 visa applicants as long as your standard business sponsorship or labour agreement is valid.

Applying for a 457 Work Permit for Australia

A 457 Work Permit can be granted to a foreigner wishing to conduct work for a company in Australia for up to 4 years as long as you have been sponsored by an approved business/employer and you have the necessary skills to fill the position.

457 Work Permit

Employers must be approved by the Australian government as an eligible employer and then nominate the position that needs to be filled. These are 2 separate applications that are done prior to a Visa application being submitted.

Depending on your occupation, having qualifications relating to the position will help your case dramatically. However, in many cases where positions don’t require the relevant qualifications and experience is what is needed, The Department will look over this mandatory requirement and assess the candidate purely on his or her experience in the trade as well as the companies motivation to employ that individual.

Visa Requirements

Using New World Immigration will ensure that you stand the best chance of securing your visa in the quickest possible time frame. In most cases, if everything runs smoothly, your visa should be in your hand within 3 to 4 months from application.

Co-ordinating all the 3rd party processes like Skills Assessments and IELTS Tests are important and NWI is very experienced in this. Running processes parallel to one another is critical and a case manager assigned to your case will make this happen in a seamless fashion.

The main requirements for a successful application are:

• A job offer
• Contract of employment
• Academic qualifications or degrees
• IELTS Tests for any applicants over the age of 18
• Police clearances for any applicants over the age of 18
• Medicals and Radiological

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