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Over 45 and interested in immigrating to Australia, here are your options

If you are older than 45 you still have options when it comes to immigrating to Australia.  Australia is still interested in investors, successful entrepreneurs and business people who will contribute to economic growth regardless of their age. 

It is a well-documented fact that Australia (and for that matter most world countries) place a higher value on young migrants.  The reason is simple, albeit perhaps short-sighted or even unfair by some opinions, younger people are thought to be more productive for longer and will thereby contribute more to the country coffers through tax payments and market stimulation.

Foreign -investment

Both Canada and Australia, for instance, employ a points-based immigration system which ensures that only the best and the brightest with the most to offer their adoptive country are considered for a work visa.  Migrants are given scores based on their age, experience, education and English language abilities, with age being one of the biggest scores awarded.  Australia awards 30 points (nearly half of the required 65 points) to visa applicants between the ages of 25 – 32 years and half of that to applicants between 40 and 44 years old.  Older than 45 and no points are awarded for age and at the age of 55 you are no longer considered for an Australian work visa at all.  But that doesn’t mean that being older than 45 means you have no Australian visa options.  We took a look at some of the visa’s which do not require an applicant to score points.

Business Innovation / Significant Investor Visa

The Business Innovation visa allows you to move to Australia with the intention to own and manage a new business or take an established business to Australia. The main goal of this visa is to attract experienced businesspeople with skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to Australia.  The outcome of which is to stimulate their economy in a positive way.

This visa allows you to bring your family with you and it could lead to residency.  Speak to your migration agent about the qualification criteria.


Family visas

Family visas such as Partner and Parent visas do not have an upper age restriction.  This means that, regardless of your age, you are able to join family in Australia if the person you are in a relationship with sponsors you for the duration of your visa.  This is also the conditions for Parent visas.  The child based in Australia must apply to bring their parent from overseas to join them on the condition that the child undertakes to care for all of the parent’s physical (including medical) and financial needs.

If you are interested in any of these options speak to you immigration agent straight away to find out more.



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